Matt Marr & Tymon Manning

IMG_1959.JPGI mean look at this picture. Tymon Manning loves puppies and kittens, has biceps for days, AND he volunteered for the Peace Corps and loved it SO much HE WENT TO WORK FOR THEM. We are all terrible people. .....

Matt Marr & Josh Nasar

JoshNasar.jpgJosh Nasar is just plain unpredictable. Seriously, at some points of the show I just let him take over. I mean, I pretty much don't have much to say about this episode, except that he's dang dang dang fu.....


I love stories.  I remember when I was probably about 6 years old, I was grocery shopping with my Momma, when I wandered off...again.  Sure enough, she found me in the middle of the pasta aisle chatting to some housewife and trying to make her a new friend.  From being an actor to getting my Masters in Clinical Psychology, I just love chatting people up and hearing what is special in their lives.

I think that's what I've been trying to do my whole life--make every stranger a friend and hear their story. There isn't a tale I've heard yet that hasn't motivated me, changed me, or just made me think.  So that's what my site is for--it's all things Matt & my love of stories. Whether it's listening to my stand-up, reading my blog, or asking for some advice on my weekly podcast, THE DEAR MATTIE SHOW, is a place for you to connect with me and be heard.